PostHeaderIcon Why I made yet another fake app to fill the crappstore

As I've mentioned in previous posts my friend developed the iPhone App Amazing X-Ray FX.  It was doing really well and it confused us both a little.  Especially since he was getting a lot of bad reviews and a lot of good reviews but nothing in between.  The app did exactly what it said it would do, ie use it to "fool your friends".  But from the reviews in the iTunes store it seemed a lot of people bought it thinking it was real.

Now you might think who could possibly be stupid enough to buy an iPhone app thinking that it could actually X-Ray your body?  Well apparently 1,000s of people.  As an X-Ray gag it's a pretty good one.  It looks very real and if you can fool the naive with it then you've got your $0.99 worth.  So I thought why not create another fake app to trick people.  Besides who knows people too lazy or too stupid to read the description properly might think it's real.

So that's when I came up with "Are We Related? - Touch and Scan DNA".  Right there in the first line of the description I refer to it as a DNA Simulator.

Yet I still get reviews like "Wow is just a joke don't buy. I promise you it just dose random things.   Go buy a taco at taco bell insted" and "This app is crap. Apparently I am my own wife's farther and it's perfectly OK for me to date my daughter."

So did these people think it was actually going to determine their DNA by touching the screen of an iPhone?  The mind boggles.

But I did get a few good reviews from people who got the joke.  "This app is pretty cool. Good for when your at a family reunion, LOL."

But the upshot of it all was that it didn't take off like the X-Ray app.  So what does it mean?  Is an X-Ray machine in an iPhone more plausible than a DNA analysis machine?  Are people stupid enough to believe in a fake X-Ray but not a fake DNA?  It is more visually pleasing to see an X-Ray machine at work?  Who knows, but all it meant was back to the drawing board and come up with another idea.

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 17 November 2009 23:08)